As an employer, you can hire tech talent on a freelance or permanent basis. Codemonk allows you to fill in your preferences when you post a job brief for a particular talent. However, you may need a separate CodeMonk account for hiring permanent employees.

When creating a new job brief, fill in the role and other preferences for the candidate. When you click on the 'Engagement tab' on the third screen of the job brief, you get an option of selecting your Contract Type.

Here, click on 'Permanent' to hire talent as a permanent employee.

Go on and fill in the other details of the job you want to create, and click 'Post job' to view candidates who match your profile. Read the blog to learn more about creating a job brief.

Note: While for a freelancer, the rate of payment will be on an hourly basis, for candidates in a permanent role, the salary/rate tab will change to "monthly rate.'

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