How will I get paid?

Payment cycle after filling up of timesheets

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How and when will I get paid as a talent on CodeMonk?

If you are working on a project on the CodeMonk platform, then you need to maintain proper work logs for the work done and fill out a timesheet at the beginning of the month.

Let us look at the time frame between raising your timesheets and getting paid:

Weeks 1 and 2:

As a tech talent working with CodeMonk, you need to fill out your timesheets to get paid. Timesheets are typically filled out during the first week of the month. Since the timesheets are reviewed by the client before approval, filling them up earlier will help.

If, due to any unavoidable circumstances, you have not filled out the timesheets in the first week, an extension period of seven days is given. Beyond the seven-day limit (end of the second week), no timesheets are accepted, and you may miss your chance to get paid for the month.

Week- 3

The filled-out timesheets go for review with your client. The clients are given a maximum time limit of 14 days to review their timesheets.

Timesheets tab for talent and employer

Note: In the case of any changes or edits as suggested by the clients, you need to make the required edits or convey your clarifications or explanations for the changes suggested and send back the timesheets for a second review. Check the article for more details on edits and review changes.

Week- 4

All payouts after timesheet filling and review are done by the end of week 4.

One point to remember here is that the timely submission of your timesheets can help in faster resolution from the client's end and timely payouts.

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