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Filling up timesheets to generate invoice

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How to fill and submit timesheets?

When you start working on a project on the CodeMonk platform, you need to submit timesheets to get paid. The payments are processed weekly, and through timesheets.

However, before generating timesheets, remember to note the time and number of days in a week you have given to the project. Here is a detailed instruction to fill your timesheets before submitting them:

Step: 1

Go to your Codemonk dashboard and click on the 'Timesheets' tab on the left-hand panel.

CodeMonk Dashboard

Alternatively, you can also click on the timesheets attached to your project details page to start filling in the details.

Step: 2

Timesheets give an account of the number of hours and days in a week you have provided to the project. So, keep a note of the number of hours and days and fill it in when generating timesheets by keeping a worklog. Worklogs give a proof of working hours and it can help in case of any discrepancies.

Fill timesheets and submit

Note that one day equals 7 hours and 30 minutes of work the same day. Read the article for more details on day and hour calculations.

If you are working on multiple projects, you can generate timesheets and their status.

Step: 3

Once you submit the timesheets, the invoice goes up for 'review.' The clients are given 14 days for approval. After approval, you get the payment on your linked account (Bank accounts, PayPal, or other modes of payment.)

You can check the status of your invoice on the dashboard:

Timesheets tab showing all submitted timesheets

If there are some queries/errors in the timesheet, the clients can reject/put it for further review before approval. In such cases, you can submit the timesheets again after corrections and put them up for review.

A quick note: ensure that when submitting your timesheets, you fill them up correctly with the hours and days worked and other details to avoid any payment delays. Read the article to know more about the payment cycle and how to get timely payments on CodeMonk.

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