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Know how DISC profiling on CodeMonk is essential to get noticed.

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Why the psychometric test is mandatory for profile completion?

As a tech talent on the CodeMonk platform, your profile completion includes completing at least three skill tests and the psychometric test. It is mandatory to complete both DISC and Team Working style test to get vetted as a CodeMonk tech talent.

DISC test:

DISC, a psychometric or behavioral assessment test, showcases the four behaviors in a workplace:

  • Dominance

  • Influence

  • Steadiness

  • Conscientiousness

The DISC psychometric test aims to provide a two-way verification (your tech stack skills and your behavioral and psychometric analysis) for the clients to find the right fit for their job brief. It works to your advantage as a talent, adding value to your profile.

Creating your DISC graph on your CodeMonk profile adds to your profile by identifying your potential strengths and how they can apply to a client's requirements.

Team Working Style:

Another psychometric test, 'Team working style' is a mandatory test to take to complete your profile on CodeMonk. To take the psychometric test:

To complete your DISC profile, Go to Dashboard and click 'Complete your profile.'

Complete your profile tab on dashboard

When the 'Skill tests' page opens, click the 'Psychometric test' to attempt the test. (If you still need to complete your skill tests, finish them at the earliest to become a vetted CodeMonk talent.)

Skill verification tab on codemonk dashboard

Complete the test to get your DISC skill graph and to complete your profile. You can see your skills graph displayed on the 'Dashboard.'

You can also share it on social media to display your skills and strengths and get noticed.

Edit DISC profile

The psychometric test is a must-have and a mandatory test to get vetted as a CodeMonk tech talent. Complete your test to start applying for new jobs on the portal.

Let's get started!

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