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As client do you want others in your organization to have access to your CodeMonk account? Check out the article to know more.

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How can I add more users to my account?

As a registered client/employer, you can add multiple users to your existing CodeMonk account. The idea here is to give various people in your organization, such as the recruiting manager, admin, and project manager, access to the account for managing job postings or projects. Although, only one person-the admin- will have the authorization to add users by sending them an invite.

Step: 1

After logging into your account, go to Dashboard>account settings

Click on users >Invite now

how to add user to your account

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Step: 2

On the Invite Users tab, enter the email id and role of the person you want to add as a user.

Select an appropriate role from the drop-down menu and click "send invite.

Invite users

Step: 3

The invited users can now have access to the account. While they can manage projects, add job briefings, and so on, only the admin can add more users to the account if and when needed.

You can also check the status of the users once they have accepted your invitation. As an admin (or the primary account holder-billing and accounts), you can check the status of the users and add or delete them when required.

List of users

Multi-user accounts are a great way to manage your account and share the workload with others in the organization.

Interested? Start adding users to your employer account to enjoy its benefits!

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