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Why is it mandatory to fill in the worklogs?
Why is it mandatory to fill in the worklogs?

Importance of worklogs

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Filling of worklogs

What are worklogs?

Every tech talents have different hours, days, and time of working depending upon their projects or time zone differences.

So, it is essential to maintain a log of working hours to ensure the client and the talents are on the same page. As a tech talent, it makes it easier for you to keep a worklog handy. Here is why.

Why worklogs are essential?

In certain situations when the client and the talent do not agree with the work completed, then the worklogs are the only evidence to confirm the actual work completed. Hence, we recommend all talent to maintain an active worklog that matches the actual work done. Any discrepancies may result in partial approval or disapproval of the timesheets submitted.

When do you submit your worklog?

When submitting a weekly timesheet, an employee confirms that they have worked all the hours listed on the timesheet and will provide worklogs when asked (or on request).
As per our T&C’s, the talent is required to maintain own worklogs and have it approved by the client/ reporting manager.

Keeping a worklog and presenting it when asked can work out to your advantage. Start creating your worklogs today for a quick and seamless timesheet approvals!

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