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Hire a tech team on CodeMonk
Hire a tech team on CodeMonk

As a client partner and employer on CodeMonk platform, you can now hire an entire team of developers from CodeMonk.

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Hire or Build a Team on CodeMonk

CodeMonk now offers a tech team on hire to make it easier for you to build a team according to your project requirements. Here is how it's now easier to build your employee profile with CodeMonk!

How can I hire a team through CodeMonk platform?

As a registered client/employer, you can hire a talent or a team from CodeMonk.

To build a team, go to Profile> find teams or talents >search by skills.

CodeMonk: Find teams or talents tab

You have the option of finding teams or talents based on the following:

  • Industry

  • Ratings

  • Team size

  • Skills

how to search for specific talent

Click on each team to find their composition and the collective skill sets before selecting them.

You can see the details of each team, such as their collective experience, projects they have worked on, reviews and many more, before selecting. You can also check the availability (start date of the team) before zeroing in on the team.

team composition tab - CodeMonk

How can I engage a team after selecting?

After selecting the right team that fits your description and requirement, you can send an invite by clicking on the 'hire this team' tab on the right side of the team description.

team engagement after selection

When you click on the 'Hire this team' tab, our team gets an invitation, and we will connect you to the team after checking their availability and your requirements.

Lets get started!

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