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Off-boarding talents on CodeMonk
Off-boarding talents on CodeMonk

As a talent who is quitting/resigning from the CodeMonk platform, you need to follow certain steps to complete your off boarding process.

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What do I need to do after I resign/quit the job on CodeMonk?

  • You handover your project to your team manager/concerned person/client whom you are reporting

  • You will ensure all documents/images/instructions/any other are stored in the shared cloud drive and can be accessed by the team

  • You will erase/delete all confidential data pertaining to your job in CodeMonk

  • You will adhere to the client checklist for handing over the project documents/details/any other.

What is my notice period?

If you decide to leave CodeMonk, please email your manager stating that you have decided to leave your position. You email the last day of work, and give as much notice as possible (mandatory 2 weeks) to prepare for your departure.

Also note: Your last day of employment cannot be a vacation day, sick day, personal day, or holiday.

Your relieving will depend upon your role/position you hold in a project on the CodeMonk platform.


If the quitting or offboarding is due to a dismissal due to several reasons, (e.g., behavioral offense, elimination of role, changing company objectives, failure to meet objectives of the position, etc.) the conditions of offboarding is different.

If an employee fails to meet a role's requirements, a PIP may be offered, but this is not always the case. CodeMonk reserves the right to terminate employment at any time for any lawful reason without notice and where necessary.

CodeMonk will have legal right to recover on any losses on its side or on their client’s losses because of the actions of the talent.


CodeMonk urges talents who quit/resign to stay on the Discord platform to know the latest on the channel.

We appreciate feedback on platforms such as LinkedIn, Glassdoor, G2 etc.

We also welcome any suggestions/improvements that you would like to make or address any complaints that you might like to convey.

An email can be sent to: Brijen Brahmbatt, Peoples Operations ( to address your concerns.

We wish you all the very best for all your future endeavors.

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