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Perks and benefits for talents
Perks and benefits for talents

CodeMonk offers some perks and benefits to the talents on its platform.

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Perks and benefits for Tech Talents on CodeMonk

As a tech talent working on CodeMonk platform, you are eligible for exclusive perks and benefits!

Yes, CodeMonk offers the talents on their platform benefits such as special perks, bounties and refer n earn scheme. Let's dig in deep to know all about it!

Perks for Tech Talents on CodeMonk:

  1. Complete pay (based on timesheets) without tax deduction:

    As a tech talent, all you need to do is to submit a timesheet with the amount of work you put in for a month. You get paid after the timesheet is approved by the client- with no deductions!

  2. Flexible working hours (depending upon client requirements)

    The hours of working on CodeMonk depends entirely upon what you and the client agree on initially! The hours are absolutely flexible - all you need to do is to provide us with the worklogs when requested.

  3. 5% of annual earnings (As Personal development/Career Growth/Learning stipend) (All talents billing through the platform)

    As a token of appreciation/annual appraisal, a talent is eligible for a 5% of their annual earnings, (the billed amount through the platform) in June every year. To get this benefits, a talent needs to have a minimum of 180 days of billing through the platform in one calendar year and paid after 90 days.

  4. Health insurance after completing 180 days with us (Safety Wing)

    As a talent on CodeMonk, you can buy health insurance, provided by our partner, Safety Wing, once you complete 180 days (6 months) working as a tech talent on CodeMonk platform. The talents can buy health insurance directly through Safety Wings and set it up according to their requirements.

  5. As a tech talent, you are eligible for paid offs two days in a year- the starting day of the year (1st January) and on your birthday.

  6. Co-working space- Talents, if needed, can pay and acquire the benefit of co-working spaces offered by CodeMonk partners with discounted pricings.


CodeMonk conducts bounties every month, and the instructions/announcements for these bounties appear on our Discord channel.

You can earn rewards- cash or kind- according to the tasks assigned for the bounties. It is a totally optional operation and solely depends upon your willingness to take part in them.

· Keep an eye on CodeMonk Discord Server – channel #bounties

· Pick up small (and large) company tasks to earn rewards

· We will drop them in this channel and announce them on Slack

Refer n Earn Scheme:

CodeMonk offers a “Refer n Earn” scheme to the talents who have registered on the platform.

Check out refer and earn to know more about it.

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