Compensation for work

If you are a talent working on individual projects on the CodeMonk platform, you will get paid after the approval of submitted timesheet.

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How do I get paid for the projects?

Below are some of the essential aspects you need to know as a talent:

For talents working on individual projects:

· Submitting Timesheets is mandatory, and the only way through which the clients will process payments.

· All talent working on projects must fill the timesheets on the CodeMonk Platform.

· Weekly filling of timesheets is essential to get paid.

· The platform will only allow submission for up to 2 weeks of pending timesheets, if missed due to any valid reasons.

· If you miss out on the 2-weeks deadline, you will forfeit the payment completely.

· Payments are done in US dollars, GBP and Euros. It is the responsibility of the talents to ensure that their bank account is eligible to accept these currencies.

· It is also the responsibility of the talents to take care of any additional charges levied by the bank account.

Submit timesheets on time to get your payments on time.

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