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Details about working hours for tech talents. How the working hours and days are decided mutually by clients and the talents.

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How many hours do I need to work in a week?

As a talent working for individual projects on CodeMonk platform, your working hours in a day or per week will depend upon the project requirements.

The working hours and days are decided mutually by clients and the talents working on a project. Usually, the hours and the number of work days are fixed by the clients at the time of the interview or later, depending upon project circumstances. The working hours, are therefore, left to the discretion of the tech talents and the clients who hire them for the project.

Responsibilities of a talent concerning working hours

However, there are certain responsibilities as a talent, when it comes to working on a project through CodeMonk.

Below are some instructions that can help cope up with work hour expectations:

  • As a talent, you and your manager can set your work hours, communicate them to your team, and you must be available during that time frame.

  • If you need a change in your working hours or flexibility, be sure to communicate any schedule change with your lead and your team members. That helps your team to understand your working schedule and assign tasks/communicate effectively.

  • Keep your status in tools like Slack up-to-date so others know you're reachable. People often update the #general channel if they are going to be stepping away for a short while or are off to an appointment; it gives everyone a friendly ambient awareness of who's "out of the office" for a bit.

The general idea is to set up a routine where communications flow freely, and the work is not interrupted.

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