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Filling company certifications and credentials
Filling company certifications and credentials

A brief about how you can fill details about your company certifications and other credentials.

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How to fill in company certifications and credentials to complete my profile?

This article is a continuation of how to fill your agency profile on the CodeMonk platform.

After you fill in the details about yourself and add talents to your profile, the next item on the list is certifications.

Adding certifications can not only complete your profile on CodeMonk but also bring your agency into the focus of the recruiters looking for talent. However, adding certificates is optional and is left to your discretion. Let us look at the steps to adding certifications to your agency profile.

Step: 1

Go to Dashboard > 4. Certifications

Click on 'Add certifications'

Add certifications tab

Step: 2

Fill in the details of your certification, such as the name, certifying agency, and date. Some examples of certificates include SEO, ISO, Microsoft, and so on.

Click "Add" to include the certification in your profile list.

Add certification form

You can add multiple certifications if required by clicking on 'Add certification' once again after including your first on the list.

Added certificate list

If you have added all your certifications, click 'Continue' to furnish your other details, such as the credentials.

Step: 3

Click "5. Credentials" or "continue" after filling in the certification details. Enter all your online profiles and social media profiles. Click "Continue" to complete your payout details.

Add agency credentials form

Or, click on Dashboard to check how the CodeMonk platform displays your profile.

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