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Add talents to your agency profile
Add talents to your agency profile

As a registered agency on the CodeMonk platform, you can start adding your talent details to complete your profile.

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How to add talents to your agency profile?

You can add talents to your CodeMonk dashboard in two ways:

a. You can import talent data directly from an excel sheet or file.

Add talent to your agency profile

Importing talent data

b. You can manually enter the details of talents one by one.

Add talent form

You can then key in the talent's name, official email ID, and hourly rates. As a company, only the persons authorized to log into the CodeMonk profile from your end can view the hourly rates quoted for the talents. The agency talents will not be able to view the hourly rates quoted by you, the company that represents them.

After filling in all the details, you will see the list of talents on your profile.

Adding talent manually

Once you have added the talents, they need to register using the official email id or the email ID entered by you at the time of adding the talents.

Check out the article for registration of agency talents and how to complete their profile on the CodeMonk platform.

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