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Tech talent coming up to the CodeMonk platform through an agency and want to signup, follow below given steps.

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How do I sign-up to CodeMonk as a talent employed by an agency?

If you are a tech talent coming up to the CodeMonk platform through an agency, you will need a link from your agency to signup.

The platform generates a unique link when an agency signs up on the CodeMonk website. The agency can send the links to join/signup when adding talent to their profile. When the agency fills up its profile, they need to enter information about the talents who will come on board for the projects.

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You, as a talent, then receive a link to the email ID (company email ID) as specified on the platform by your agency. Once you click on the link, you can log in to the CodeMonk website by giving your company email ID (to link your profile to that of your agency) and do the formalities of filling up the profile. After you signup using the link, you can finish filling in your profile to complete the process.

Alternatively, you can also sign up as a freelance talent on the CodeMonk platform by following the registration process for individual talents on the platform.

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