Left your job at agency?

You can still be a part of CodeMonk's talent pool. Read on to know how!

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What to do when you leave job at the agency?

Are you registered as an 'Agency Talent' but would like to work freelance with CodeMonk? You can do so by changing your email ID on your CodeMonk profile from your account settings on the dashboard:

Profile account settings

Why do I need to change my email ID?

As an agency talent, you are registered on CodeMonk by using the official email ID given by your agency or through an email ID linked to the agency. So, you need to change the email ID associated with your agency when you leave the agency and join CodeMonk as a freelance talent.

Apart from my email ID, what do I need to do to become a freelance talent?

After changing your email ID, you need to complete your profile and upload relevant documents before you can start working on a project.

Are you ready to take on the new challenges as a freelance talent on CodeMonk? Let us get you started!

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