Are you a registered Codemonk talent unable to access your profile because of account suspension? Are you wondering why your Codemonk account is suspended?

Here are some of the common reasons for account suspensions:

  • Your details are not valid - If the details/documents submitted are incorrect and found to be inaccurate, then Codemonk suspends the account for security reasons.

  • Fake profile - If the profile submitted is fake when examined, Codemonk suspends the account until further proof is submitted.

  • Grievances and Complaints - If the Codemonk team/customer care receives any complaints against the profile that are found to be valid, the team suspends the account for breach of contract.

  • Other Reasons - If there are any persistent problems, such as a breach of terms and conditions set by the Codemonk community/team, Codemonk suspends the account for the reasons specified.

How to recover my suspended account?

If your account is suspended for any of the above reasons or reasons unknown, you can contact customer care for more details or request a recovery. If your account suspension is due to unavailability/validity of documents, you can resubmit the same to recover your account.

However, the account's recovery is at the discretion of the Codemonk team. Customer care will check the validity of the documents submitted or the complaints and take necessary actions before activating the account.

Contact customer care immediately for any problems regarding recovery/suspension of your Codemonk account.

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