Refer and Earn scheme benefits

While you are waiting for a new role as a freelancer or permanent employee, you can still earn through the platform. Let's see how!

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How do I benefit from CodeMonk's Refer n Earn Scheme?

CodeMonk platform offers a 'Refer n Earn' scheme where you can refer your friends, colleagues, acquaintances, and anyone who is a tech talent and is interested in a remote tech job.

Want to know how it works? Apart from the fact that you get to refer someone and do a good turn, you will be rewarded for your reference! Let us begin!

Step: 1

Go to your 'CodeMonk Dashboard' and click on 'Refer a Talent' by scrolling down to the bottom tab of the screen. (or)

If you have completed your CodeMonk profile, go to your dashboard and click on the 'Refer and Earn' link:

Refer a Talent page location

Send an Invite to your friends

Step: 2

Click on 'Send an invite' to get your link for 'Refer n Earn.'

You can copy the link and send it to your friends or email them by clicking on 'Invite by email'.

Send an Invite button location for refer and earn

Step: 3

While inviting by email, you can enter multiple email ids and press 'send'.

Sending multiple refer and earn invites

So, now that you have sent the Refer n Earn link how about enjoying some benefits for the work done?

Apart from helping to build a robust remote working tech community, you can earn rewards up to $ 180! Get to it right now to win the rewards!

All set to explore this opportunity to bring more tech minds into the foray while earning some rewards? Go to your dashboard to get started!

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