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Profile completion for job application
Profile completion for job application
Have you registered as a talent on the CodeMonk? So, are you all set to apply for a job? But wait! have you completed your profile yet?
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Why completing your profile on CodeMonk is mandatory

Profile completion is an essential step to getting recruited or landing up with a dream project on the Codemonk platform. There are seven steps on the profile setup, and you must complete a minimum of five steps before applying for a job.

The initial five steps of profile settings are pretty simple, and you can import most of the information by uploading your resume on your profile page:

Profile filling on Codemonk

Once you fill-up the personal and professional details and put up your preferences for the kind of projects or job you prefer, you are all set to apply for a job on the platform.

Why filling up your profile is mandatory?

As a tech talent, your profile on CodeMonk can help recruiters to understand your skill sets and preferences. When your comprehensive profile with projects and priorities is ready, you can start applying for the jobs advertised. Since all details are already available for the recruiters, you need to fill in preferences such as date of joining and working hours before submitting your application.

Additionally, the CodeMonk platform allows you to download your profile and share it on your social media handles.

What happens if you do not complete your profile?

CodeMonk mandates filling in at least five steps on your profile page before applying for a job. While you can create a team by adding your friends/former team members, you cannot present your team for hire unless all the members have completed their profiles.

Verifying your profile by uploading necessary documents and vetting it by taking the skill tests designed for your technical expertise is essential to apply for a job. If you try to apply for a job before completing your profile, you will get a message, as shown below:

Apply for jobs after profile completion

So, if you plan to apply for a job through CodeMonk, complete your profile and take your skill sets before showcasing your talents to the recruiters!

The steps are quite simple- let us get you started!

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