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Here is a quick guide to filling up your project details on CodeMonk and generate the skill graph

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How to add projects and generate your personal skills graph

The purpose of this article is to ensure you breeze through your profile filling process on the CodeMonk platform. Profile completion is a mandatory process to kickstart your journey as a remote developer and land your dream projects. While the initial three steps of profile settings are your personal and professional details, the fourth step is all about your projects! Here is a quick guide to filling up your project details on Codemonk.

If you have completed the first three steps of your profile, then simply click on the 'Projects' tab on your profile settings to begin:

Your recent projects

When you are on it, fill in the details of at least three of your recent projects or more. You can add all information about your projects, a minimum of 3, with a brief description of your role.

Additionally, you can select the appropriate skills, and the level of expertise to create a skills graph for the recruiters.

Add project form

Skills and Tools:

While the description on the 'Add Project' tab is all about what you did in a particular project, there are two more steps to describe the skills and tools used. Enter the skills/tools used in the project, and rate your skills according to your level of expertise. If you have used more than one tool or skill, you can rate each skill individually, depending upon your level of expertise.

One thing to remember here is that if you have used more than two skills for a project, you can only rate two skills to the same level.

For example: if you want to use .NET, .AWSarchitecture and .DataDog, and you want to rate them all as 10, then you can only do so for two of them, while the third one can be rated a little lower, say, to a nine or eight, as shown:

Adding skills and tools with rating

You can add 10 tech skills and tools and seven soft skills to generate your skills graph.

What is a Skills graph?

After you fill in the skill sets used in individual projects, the system generates a skills graph to display on your profile for the recruiters to view. With the skills graph in place, the recruiters will quickly know your expertise before hiring.

The platform generates a skills graph only after you fill in a minimum of three projects on your profile.

Once you complete your profile and generate the skills graph, you can take the system-generated test to get vetted. Taking a skill test to get vetted enables you to apply for the jobs that appear on the platform, after your verification is complete.

Skills Graph

Rate your projects and skill sets correctly to hire yourself for a project. Do not forget to fill in your preferences to get noticed by the recruiters!

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