As an agency, your dashboard will have a detailed and collective analysis of your resources and team composition. Completing your profile by uploading as many resources as possible can boost your profile and collaborative skills graph.

Team Composition and collective skills graph:

A collective skills graph displaying the skills of your resources (collectively), including soft skills and technical skills, will show up on your dashboard, as shown below:

The DISC and skills graph gives a comprehensive vision of the skill sets of your resources to the employers.

Collective earnings of your resources:

Once your resources start working through the CodeMonk platform, you will also see the collective earnings graph on the dashboard, as shown.

Current Openings:

Apart from the composition and resources, you can also view the job openings that are currently available on the platform. You can click on them to view the openings or refer a resource for the available job profile.

Your agency dashboard can be your 'one-stop' destination to manage your resources, apply for jobs or manage your earnings. Complete your agency profile on the CodeMonk platform to enjoy the benefits of a comprehensive dashboard!

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