Fill, edit or view timesheets

If your talents/agency resources are working on a project on the CodeMonk platform, it is mandatory to fill in the timesheets to get paid.

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How to review and submit timesheets?

Timesheets are generated every week, and takes a maximum of 14 days for clearance.

Where to find your timesheets?

You can find the timesheets on the project details page.

Go to your CodeMonk Profile > Projects > Project details > Timesheets

Click on the timesheets tab to view/download it.

path to access timesheets from project

You can then start filling in the details and submit it for approval from the client.

add timesheet form

You, as an agency, can fill the timesheets and submit it on time to get approved by the clients.

You can see the status of timesheets after you have filled them up. Click on 'invoice' to download it.

Timesheet tab displaying employee timesheets

Note: Any delay (more than 15 days) in filling of timesheets may result in cancel of payments.

So, fill in your talents timesheets every week to avoid payment related issues.

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