As an agency, you can add, remove, or edit the list of your team members from your profile.

Add or delete talents/team members:

Go to your profile and click on 'Talents' and 'Add Talents.'

You can add talents manually or upload the excel sheet with talent details.

To delete talents, go to the 'Talents' page, and scroll down to the name/talent you want to delete. Click on the delete icon to 'delete' information.

Once you click on the confirmation message, the talent will no longer appear on your profile.

In case you have deleted a talent by mistake, you can add them manually again through the 'Add Talent' tab on your profile.

Edit talent information:

If you want to 'edit' talent information, you can do so through your profile. Go to your profile, and click on 'Talents.'

Select the talent for which you need to make changes, and click on the 'edit' tab to change any information, such as email ID or rates per hour, etc.

You can then proceed to your 'Dashboard' to check on the new jobs available on the portal.

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