As an agency, you are allowed to recommend candidates or submit job applications on their behalf. You, as an agency, can refer your talents for the job postings that are open on the CodeMonk platform.

To apply for job openings as an agency:

Go to your dashboard and click on a job openings available on the platform.

The job openings/resourcing page will show a list of 'Talents matched' for a particular job. You can then apply for the jobs on behalf of the talents.

However, if the "Talents Matched" section indicates that no talents are matched for the position and you believe that there are some matching resources available, you may then refer them to the position.

To refer a talent to the job opening:

Click on the 'Refer Talents' tab on the top right of the job description, to refer a suitable resource.

To recommend someone to the position, complete all the fields with their name and the day that they are available, then click "send." If you notice that multiple talents' profiles meet the job description, you can refer them all for the position.

When you click send, you will receive a message stating you have successfully referred a talent for the job.

While recommending talents might increase the number of gigs open, offering as many resources as you can will increase your chances of placing your talents in relevant positions on the platform.

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