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Information available on talent profile.
Information available on talent profile.

Employer looking to hire talent can view their skills, key projects they worked on, education, experience, certifications, etc

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What info can I see in the talent profile?

Are you an employer looking to hire talent for a project? If so, you can check the details of the talent by looking into their profiles.

Let's assume you are searching for talent by keying in specific skills on the 'Search option' or checking out the applicants for a job brief. You can click on a particular talent's name to check their information, as shown below:

Talent profile view

The details you can view on the talent profile include:

  • Technical skills

  • Past experiences and projects

  • Educational background

  • Extra certifications

  • Assignments currently working on

  • Availability details

  • Kind of engagement: permanent or individual(freelance)

  • Salary/ cost per hour

  • DISC (Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, Conscientiousness) of a talent

  • Ratings and team working abilities

The comprehensive profile can provide a complete update on a talent's suitability for a project or assignment.

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