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Search for a tech team/talent suitable for your project from the global pool of pre-vetted talents.

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How do I search for a talent or a tech team?

Are you looking to onboard the right talent or a tech team for an upcoming project? Then you are in the right place!

As a registered employer on the CodeMonk platform, you can search for an individual, permanent talent, or team on your project details page.

Step: 1

Click on the "Find teams or talents" tab from the dashboard.

Use the search window to find a talent/team by using specific skills you need for hiring them.

Team or talent search tab : CodeMonk

Step: 2

You can add as many additional skills as needed before shortlisting the ones you find appropriate to your search. Use filters to search for skills that are relevant to the job.

You can sort the talents by name, experience, or skills before hiring them to work on your project.

You can set up an interview to ensure you have the right person on hand to work on the project.

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