Timesheets are how the talents can raise their invoice through the CodeMonk platform. And, as an employer, they need to be approved by you before they are paid.

Do you have a talent working for you on a project? If yes, you need to pay them through the CodeMonk platform after submitting their timesheets.

A timesheet gives a detailed account of the number of hours a talent has worked on a particular project. They are submitted weekly by both permanent and freelance (individual) employees.

Where can I view the timesheets?

If you have multiple talents working on a project, you can click on the names of the talents under the 'Project' tab and click on 'Timesheets' to view them.

What do I need to do once the timesheet is submitted?

As an employer, you can review the timesheets before approving them. Only when you consent does the invoice get cleared for the talents.

You get 14 days to review the timesheets and approve them. After 14 days, the timesheets get automatic approval if no action is taken from your end.

What happens if I do not approve the timesheets?

If you need clarification or additional details or disagree with the details in the timesheets, you can send it back for review or reject it on the 'Actions' tab.

If rejected, the talents can resubmit the timesheets with the corrections/specified error before getting your approval.

How does the talent get paid?

The processing of payments happens outside the platform.

For freelance talent: The payments are made as and when the timesheets are approved.

For permanent employees: Payments are processed at the end of the month.

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