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Hire a freelancer on short-term basis
Hire a freelancer on short-term basis

Need to hire a freelancer for a short-term project? CodeMonk can help!

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How to hire a talent as a freelancer on a short term basis?

Are you looking for a talent who can work on a short-time basis? You can hire a freelance talent on CodeMonk to work on a specific time frame.

CodeMonk allows you to hire tech talent on a freelance or permanent basis, depending upon your requirements.

To recruit talent as a freelancer, you can select the 'freelancer' tab when posting your job briefing for a project:

Create new job brief

When you reach the 'Engagement' tab on the 'Create new job brief' page, click on the contract types and select from the dropdown menu: FREELANCER or PERMANENT.

Select a freelancer for a short-term role in your project and proceed to fill in other details such as duration and work schedule. Read the blog to learn more about creating a job brief.

Note: for a freelancer, the rates will be hourly instead of a fixed monthly salary. You can quote a price you are willing to pay to create the job post.

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