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Searching for suitable candidates

Once you post a job brief on CodeMonk, the platform will match your job with relevant pre-vetted talent who meet your requirements

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What happens after you post a job brief?

Have you posted a new job brief for your project? Congratulations! You are well on your way to recruiting tech talent for your project.

So, what's next? Let us look at the following steps after posting a job brief on CodeMonk.

Step: 1 Candidate Selection

You can select a candidate for a job brief in three ways.

a. As soon as you post a job brief, the platform's AI will match appropriate talents suiting your requirements and send them as recommendations. You can scroll through these recommendations to check the validity of the candidates, see their profiles, schedule an interview, or ask for more details.

b. Apart from recommendations, you can also check the talent applications for the job briefs and their profiles on the same job brief page.

recommended applications as per job description

c. Alternatively, you can search for talents by using specific keywords for a particular job or the skill sets you need for a project.

talent search result

You can either click on hire from the profiles directly to hire talent as a freelancer or a permanent employee or schedule an interview to take it forward.

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