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Archive jobs after hiring a candidate
Archive jobs after hiring a candidate

Keep your hiring process streamlined and efficient by editing & archive jobs after hiring a candidate.

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How to edit & archive jobs after hiring?

If you have posted a job brief on CodeMonk and would like to change any details on the job postings, you can easily do so at your end. Here is how:

Click on the job brief that you want to change or archive.

Job briefs

Click on the edit tab to make changes to the job brief. You can then "save changes" to make the edit to the posting.

edit button location on job briefs

Have you already hired a tech talent for the job? Or has the position become redundant for the project?

Then you can 'Archive' the job by clicking on the archive tab, as shown below:

Archive button location on job briefs

Once archived, it will stay on your profile under 'archived jobs.' Whenever required, you can 'unarchive' any job postings you have done in the past from your CodeMonk profile.

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