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Steps involved in completing last three steps in your agency profile

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How to fill payout and shareholder details to my profile and complete KYC?

As an agency, if you have filled up the first five steps of your profile, the following steps are to complete your payout, shareholder details, and document upload.

Filling in the payout details is essential for getting your payments for the work done by the agency talents who come through your agency. Entering the director and shareholder information is mandatory for profile completion on the CodeMonk platform. Uploading the shareholder's and directors' documents completes the complete profile, including the KYC.

Payout Details:

Click on the 'Payout' tab on your profile to enter the details, such as the bank name, account number, and the relevant code depending upon your country of origin.

Note: Enter only the bank account number registered in your agency's name. CodeMonk does not accept individual bank accounts of shareholders, directors, or any other agency employees.

Once done, click 'Continue' to enter the shareholder details.

Payout details tab

Directors and Shareholders:

Enter the names and information of directors and shareholders, ensuring that if there are multiple stakeholders in the agency, you key in at least 50% of their names. Since KYC is mandatory (by uploading the documents), make sure to enter the names of those shareholders who have their documents in place.

Start filling in the details of shareholders one after the other, using the prompt at the end of each page.

Directors and shareholders tab

Fill in all the details, such as the name, role in the company, percentage share in the agency, and complete address. Click on 'Add' to enter the other shareholder details.

Add director or shareholder

Once done, you can view the details by clicking on "Directors and Shareholders" from the dashboard.

tab showing added directors and shareholders

Document Upload and KYC:

The last step in your profile is the document upload. It forms a very significant part of your profile.

Apart from company documents, such as the registration certificate, tax details, and insurance (mandatory), a document supporting proof of identity and proof of address is required for the director.

You can upload the documents directly from your computer or drag and drop them on the page.

Document upload tab for agency.

Also, each shareholder must complete their KYC to activate their profile on the CodeMonk platform.

Once done, click continue to check your detailed profile or skip to the dashboard to check out the comprehensive view of your agency profile.

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