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How to create a high performing tech team for your project using our platform
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How to create a team on CodeMonk

With the 'hire a team' feature, CodeMonk allows employers to hire an individual tech talent, or a tech team, depending upon their requirements.

As a tech talent, you can be a part of an already formed team or create your own by inviting your friends and colleagues with similar skill sets. You can then project your team as a complete entity to the hiring managers to enhance your value for the recruiters.

To create a team, all your team members need to complete their profile on the CodeMonk platform and given their requisite skill tests to finish the vetting process. If you are a vetted and verified talent, you can create your 'dream team' by clicking on your dashboard's 'Create your team' tab.

Create your dream team

Now, start filling in the details of your team, such as:

  • Name

  • A short description of the team or a bio to help recruiters understand your skill sets.

  • A team logo, if you have any (not mandatory)

  • Name and email ID of your co-workers/team members

Create your own team: Step 1

Note: The team size should be a minimum of 3 members and a maximum of 8 vetted and verified team members.

When creating a team, remember that you can invite your friends and co-workers to join your team. However, they need to be verified and vetted by the CodeMonk platform before applying for the job.

filling out basic information to create team

You can then click 'SAVE' to form your team and start applying for the job postings relevant to your skill sets.

You can create more than one team depending upon the skill sets/projects/job profiles you want to apply.

Your Teams

Creating your dream team is relatively straightforward. All you need to do is add your friends and co-workers with completed profiles to start your exciting journey!
Get started to hire out as a tech team to scale new heights in your career!

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