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How do I delete my CodeMonk account?

Suppose you are registered as a CodeMonk talent. In that case, you can do many things from your account, such as applying for a job, browsing availabilities, inviting friends through Refer and Earn, and also delete your account.

Yes, it is possible to delete your CodeMonk account or pause your services if you do not want your profile showcased to our clients. While we will be updating our websites and automating services for deleting or halting your account status, for now, you can contact our customer services for help.

CodeMonk Dashboard

To contact customer service:

Go to your dashboard, and click on the chat box to contact customer service.

Chat with us location on dashboard

Once your account gets deleted, you cannot view your dashboard or check for any recommended jobs available through the portal. However, you can always reactivate/signup again using your email id and password at a later date.

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