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A brief on vetting and verification process on CodeMonk
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How to get vetted as a talent on CodeMonk?

Have you completed your profile as a tech talent on the CodeMonk platform? If yes, get vetted and verified to get hired!

Below are the steps to get vetted on the CodeMonk platform:

Step: 1

After completing your profile, log into your account using the registered email ID and go to the dashboard.

CodeMonk dashboard

Step: 2

On the dashboard, you will see all the skills listed on the right-hand side of the page. If you have completed your profile and uploaded all the documents, you will see the 'Get Verified Now' tab below the list of skill sets.

Click on 'Get Verified Now.'

Dashboard showing active projects and recommended jobs

Step: 3

Once you click 'get verified now, you can attempt the tests under 'TOP SKILLS.' Click on each test to complete it to get "vetted" and "verified" for the skills mentioned. Your vetting process will be complete with a minimum of 3 out of your 7 top skill tests and get a 'green' tick to get vetted.

Check the article for the color-coded vetting process.

Skill verification tab : CodeMonk dashboard

Step: 4

If you have completed the top skills, you can go on to try out the 'Other Optional Tests' to verify your skills.

Talents need to complete at least a minimum of 3 skill test before they get the 'vetted and verified' tag.

Please note: The tests are of 20-minute duration. Once you have clicked and started a test, you cannot go back on it. The test will upload on a new window. A timer will show the remaining amount of time to finish your test. Tests are designed according to your skill sets and will appear once you click on 'get verified now'.

Click on 'SUBMIT TEST' to complete the test. Depending upon your scores, get vetted with distinctive colors: Green, orange or red.

If your scores are red, all is not lost. You can always attempt a re-test after 45 days to get your score back on track to green or orange!

Attempt all the tests specified for your skills to fast-track your profile's success.

Share it with your friends and prospective employers on social media to get maximum exposure for your vetted and verified profile!!

All the very best!

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