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How to add job preferences on your CodeMonk profile page

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How to update your job preferences

Your CodeMonk profile page is an extremely significant entity. Each of the seven steps on the profile page brings you closer to your dream tech job and highlights your profile to the recruiters.

The fifth step on the profile page is about job preferences. After you fill in your personal details and at least a minimum of three projects, it is time to put in your job preferences.

Why is it necessary to update job preferences?

The job preferences step allows a talent like you to plug in your preferences for a particular job or project. It is essential because CodeMonk runs on an algorithm that automatically matches skills to the new projects that a client advertises. So, when you give your preferences on the profile, it becomes easier for the recruiters to see your availability and proceed further in the recruitment process.

Without updating your preferences, you may lose on a suitable project just because your profile is not visible to a recruiter.

Updating Job Preferences:

Under preferences, you can select the kind of working style, industry, company culture, size of the company, and the type of project/assignment. With your preferences clear on the board, the AI-powdered system will strive to match you up to your preferences. At the same time, an industry/company looking for talents matching your skills can view your profile easily since the system will showcase you to them, creating a win-win situation for both parties.

Here is a look at the preferences board and how filling it up can create smoother processing of your profile for a job of your liking!

Updated Preferences in form

The platform allows you to pick more than one preference for each selection, making it easier for you to showcase your talents.

Update Preferences in form

You can select the industry type, company culture, and even the kind of assignment you prefer for the search engines to rate your profile on a recruiter's page.

updating assignment type in preference form

Benefits of updating your preferences on CodeMonk:

As a developer or tech talent, you can choose specific industries, assignments, and even the days and hours you want to put in for a project.

CodeMonk offers you the benefit of putting everything up clearly on the profile to make it easier for the algorithm to match you up with a perfect project/recruiter. While as a talent, you have the advantage of working on a project on your preference list.

So, let us get your preference list updated to give your profile the perfect boost!

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