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Steps to reset/change your password

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How to reset your password?

Are you not able to view your CodeMonk dashboard because of a problem with your login? Or have you forgotten your Codemonk password?

Rest easy! A straightforward way to enter, view, and apply for new jobs from your CodeMonk platform is by resetting your password.

But before going into the know-how, ask yourself the following questions:

a. Have you already completed the registration process on the CodeMonk platform by entering your email id and the six-digit password sent to your email?

If not, your email is not registered at all, then go ahead and register your email before logging into your CodeMonk account. Click on Sign-up instead of logging in to register your email ID.

b. Are you entering the correct email ID that you registered with the CodeMonk platform?

Sometimes, a wrong email ID or an ID which is not found on the CodeMonk database (if you have registered with CodeMonk, it will be available on the database) can also create the error.

Setting your password is quite simple if you have the correct registered email ID.

On the login page, enter the email ID and click on 'Forgot Password.

Login page

Now, on the screen that opens up, enter your registered email ID and wait for a confirmation message about a mail with the 'Password Reset link.

Login page showing check email notification

You can then check your email and click on the link sent to 'RESET' your password. The link is only valid for one time, and an attempt to click on it again might create an error message for security reasons.

After changing your password, you can log in to your CodeMonk account with the new password.

What happens if the email ID is wrong?

In case the email ID is not registered on the database, or it is wrong, there will be no message displayed on the screen, and you will not get any link on the mail.

Security reasons prevent the system from displaying messages for the email IDs which are not registered or found in the database.

For registered users, resetting your password is quite simple and a quick process! Try it out today to keep your passwords updated and secure!

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