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Register as a Freelancer using a PSC
Register as a Freelancer using a PSC

CodeMonk offers a platform for companies to find talented developers for their projects.

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How to register as PSC on CodeMonk platform.

Are you registered as a freelancer/talent on the Codemonk website? If so, you may have seen that Codemonk offers a freelancer the choice of registering as an 'Individual Freelancer' or as a 'PSC-Personal Service Company.'

Register as PSC

A personal service company or PSC provides services to individuals and groups and comes with tax benefits.

As a freelancer, you can register as a PSC on 'Salary and billing' by giving all details about the Personal Service Company. So, if you are registering as a PSC, ensure to have all information with you, such as company name, registration number, and tax details.

Enter PSC details

Additionally, if you have a company logo, you can upload the image on the platform, along with the address and other information, such as follows:

PSC logo

Along with your tax numbers and address, key in your insurance details to set yourself up as a PSC on the Codemonk platform!

PSC Insurance

Now, upload the relevant documents- proof and identity and proof of address- to get verified. Some of the documents you need to upload include:

  • Documents related to company insurance

  • Proof of identity

  • Proof of address

All set to begin your journey as a Personal Service Company? Finish your profile today to enjoy the benefits!

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