Timesheet calculations

How many hours will account for one day?

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How to do timesheet calculations

All set to submit your first invoice on the CodeMonk platform? Are you confused about how to fill those hours and days on the timesheet? Here is a look at the hour and day calculations before you fill in your timesheet.

When submitting an invoice, you need to put in the exact number of hours and days you have worked on the project.

Adding timesheet

How many hours will make one full day?

A total of 7:30 hours makes up for one whole day. So, if you have worked for seven and a half hours a day, say, for example, Monday, that day will be counted as 'one day' for calculation. If you have worked less than the prescribed 7:30 hours, you can add the total number of hours for calculation.

In the below image, you can see the number of hours and days worked on a particular project under the' Time logged.'

Hour calculations

So, remember to fill in your timesheets with the correct number of hours and days before submitting them to ensure a quicker payout.

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