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What happens after I am hired on a project?

Congratulations! So, you have landed up on a project/assignment through CodeMonk! Before you gear up for the upcoming challenges, let us look at what happens after you are hired for a project.

Once you have applied for a job through your CodeMonk profile and selected, your project/job will appear on your dashboard. A similar update will be available on the client side, with the name of team members and project details.

Team details - CodeMonk Dashboard

Now, you can check the project details, information about your team members, and project description. Details such as the start date of the project and the duration will be available on your dashboard.

Project Details - CodeMonk Dashboard

You can get information about all the projects you are working on your dashboard.

All ongoing projects dashboard

Once you start the project, you can go on to add/edit time sheets that will appear on your dashboard. Read the article for more details on how to fill and submit your timesheets.

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