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What happens after I apply to a job?

If you have applied for a job or a remote project through the Codemonk platform, you may want to know how to proceed further. Here is what you will need to do once you have applied a job on CodeMonk platform!

Interview Scheduling:

The first step is to appear for an interview by setting up a time slot available for the initial round. You can schedule a slot or two according to the availability set by the client and at your convenience.
The interview scheduling is automated.

Scheduling Interview

You can select the slots: date and time available, and click on those slots which are convenient. The employers will check and pick up a slot in which they want to interview.

Client Tasks:

The following steps will depend upon the client's discretion and the kind of project/job profile. After the interview, the client may ask you to perform a task/assignment to analyze your skills or understand your suitability for the job.
As a vetted and verified tech talent, we appreciate your time in giving all skill tests set by the platform. Our clients and employers are aware of this fact, and set least possible assessments, if any, to further your application.

Selection Process:

Since each project has a different set of requirements, the selection process will entirely depend upon the clients. If you are selected, the client will take care of the paperwork and all other details before you begin the project.
The whole of the interview process is automated, and hence, the feedbacks and reviews about your candidature all appear on the platform. The whole process is, therefore, transparent and for everyone to view.

Before you begin the project, and after all the formalities are over, you will be able to see the project details, team, timesheets, etc., on your Codemonk profile. The project details appear both on the client and the talent's side, confirming that you are working on a particular project.

Start applying for new jobs on CodeMonk platform, or if you are awaiting results for the interview you have already given, then await client feedback to proceed.

Good luck!

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