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How to join or leave a team?

As a registered Codemonk community member, you can create, join or leave a team after your profile is vetted and verified. Let us look at how to join or leave a team in the Codemonk platform.

How to join a team?

While the Codemonk platform lets you create a team by inviting your friends, colleagues, and co-workers, you cannot join a team at your convenience. If you want to join a particular team, you need an invite from one of the team members to join the team.

When creating a team, talent can invite any other individual by keying in their email ID (a valid email ID registered on the Codemonk platform). That allows you to join a particular team created. So, you can only join a team through an invite.

Joining a team Invite

How to leave a team?

Leaving a team is much easier. If for any reason, you want to leave a team you are a part of (as seen in your dashboard, under 'team details'), you can do so by clicking on the 'Leave Team' tab on the 'Team Details' page.

Team details

However, once you leave a team, you cannot join back unless an invite is sent to you by one of the team members.

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