As a talent, if you have already registered on Codemonk and have filled in your preferences, you can start applying for the jobs on the platform. Depending upon your choices, the algorithm will show you the jobs/projects available on the platform.

You can click on the job that you are interested in to see the job description, details regarding the project, and all other information before applying, as shown:

If the details and the project appeal to you, and you have completed your profile and the skill tests, then you can click on 'Apply' to enter the details. Codemonk also offers you the freedom to select from the slots available to take the interview, making it easier for you to schedule/plan your meeting.

You can select the date and the time and also provide an alternative for your interview with the HR team.

Alternatively, if you want to apply for a job as a team, you can create one before applying. However, ensure all your team members have filled in their profiles and submitted requisite documents before applying.

So, have you sent your application yet? Then it's time you check out what happens after you apply for the job!

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