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How to verify my profile on Codemonk?

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How to get my profile verified and get a blue tick?

Getting a remote job is much easier than you believe if you have verified your profile on CodeMonk. If you have registered on CodeMonk, but are yet to verify your profile, doing so immediately can get you noticed. Here is how!

Verifying your profile is quite simple. All you need to do is to undergo a three-step verification process:

a. Email Verification:

When you register into CodeMonk, give your email id and password according to the rules and your personal preferences. A 6-digit code sent to your email (a one-time affair) will get you registered on the platform.

b. Skills Vetting:

Skills vetting allows your employers to understand your level of expertise in a particular skill-set. You can take the online tests by CodeMonk experts to verify your skill sets and land your dream remote job or team. When you clear the skill test, you get a:

  • Green Tick ( √): If you pass the test with a high score

  • Orange Mark(!): If you pass the test with average scores

  • Red Cross (x) : If your skill sets are not up to the mark

    Talent skill verification dashboard

C. Background Verification:

The following steps involve updating your profile and entering all the relevant personal and professional information. The forms are self-explanatory.

How to verify your skills

Once you fill in all your personal and professional details, you can check the details to see if the profile is missing any relevant information. You can check and add any missed information and go for the most crucial part of the verification process: uploading support documents and taking the skills test or skills vetting!

CodeMonk team will check the documents and give you a blue tick of approval when the information is correct and approved.

Talent profile details

When you get that blue tick of approval, you are all set to explore the opportunities on the portal!

Let's get you verified!

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