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How to find freelance tech roles at CodeMonk

Are you looking for a freelance or remote tech job? CodeMonk can help you there!

As a unique platform, CodeMonk can help you connect with the right tech jobs in the market. Once you register with CodeMonk and get your profile vetted for your skills, you are all set to be matched with new opportunities.

Your Code Monk dashboard can act as your job portal. It can help you in:

  • Accessing the latest tech jobs available on the platform

  • Checking out vacancies in tech teams looking for someone to fill the gap in the team with similar skill sets

  • Getting your Profile recommended to employers looking for skill-sets that match your experience.

Additionally, you can also look for remote tech jobs from your Dashboard. To access the latest jobs:

  1. Log into your CodeMonk dashboard

  2. You will see a recommendation of the most recent jobs matching your profile

  3. You can also navigate to jobs page from the left hand navigation menu to see all the available open jobs on the platform.

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Remote Tech jobs

In order for you to apply to any of the open roles, you need to:

  1. Complete your profile on the CodeMonk platform.

  2. Attempt and get tested in at least 3 of your top skills you have listed - check out the vetting process for more details.

Once you have completed your skill tests, you are eligible to apply for the job. You will also be visible to the employers who post a job description that is similar to your profile. So, ensure to complete your profile and skill tests to get hired as a freelancer on CodeMonk.

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